Resource Library

Private Grants Alert's Fall 2007 Directory of Social Service Grants P
Private Grants Alert's Fall 2007 Directory of Grants For Children & Youth Services P
The Annie E. Casey Foundation 2007 Kids Count Data Book P
IIEPASSPORT Study Abroad Funding: A Guide for U. S. Students and Professionals E
DSS Issues: Understanding the Gap Between High School Preparation and College Preparedness for Students with Disabilities (Audio Conference) E
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Grant Writing Second Edition B
Financial Resources for International Study: A Guide for U.S. Students and Professionals, Marie O'Sullivan P
How to Evalutate and Improve Your Grants Effort P
The Administration of Sponsored Programs P
The Grantseeker's Guide To Winning Proposals P
Write an Effective Funding Application: A Guide for Researchers and Scholars P
The Complete Guide to Writing Effective & Award-Winning Grants: Step-by-Step Instructions With Companion CD-ROM B
Writing for a Good Cause: The Complete Guide to Crafting Proposals and Other Persuasive Pieces for Nonprofits P
Successful Grant Writing, 3rd Edition: Strategies for Health and Human Service Professionals P
Grant Writing Handbook for Nurses (2nd edition) P
Grants for Libraries: A How-To-Do-It Manual P
Getting Your Grant: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians P
Go Get That Grant!: A Practical Guide for Libraries and Nonprofit Organizations P
The Basic Grantsmanship Library P
Writing the NIH Grant Proposal: A Step-by-Step Guide P
Guide to Effective Grant Writing: How to Write a Successful NIH Grant Application P
Webster's New World Grant Writing Handbook P
Practical Grant Writing and Program Evaluation P
Models of Proposal Planning & Writing P
Grant Writing in Higher Education: A Step-by-Step Guide P
After the Grant: The Nonprofit's Guide to Good Stewardship (Fundraising Guides) P
Adapting the Program Planning & Proposal Writing Model P
How to Develop and Administer Institutional Undergradutate Research Programs P
Reinvigorating the Undergraduate Experience P
Program Planning and Proposal Writing - Expanded Edition P
Program Planning and Proposal Writing - Introductory Version P
Guide to Proposal Writing - Fifth Edition P
Guide to Winning Proposal II P
How to Use the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (revised version) P
The Process of Program Evaluation P
How to Mentor Undergradute Researchers P
Directory Of Private Grants for Senior Programs P
Pocket Guide to A-21 Version 6.0 (A Publication of the Center for Grant & Contract Studies) P
How to Get Started in Research P
Program Planning & Proposal Writing - Checklist P
The Research - Productive Department P
How to Get a Tenure - Track Position at a Predominatley Undergraduate Institution P
Highlight Literacy and U.S. Competitiveness- "Competitive Learning in a Global Economy" P
HRSA's Nursing Education Programs (GRC) B
"Find Out What NEA Funds Are Available for Your Campus" (GRC) B
Tips for Writing Successful Proposals (for those new to the grant proposal process) (GRC) B
NEH Digital Challenge Grants (GRC) P
NSF Math and Science Partnership (GRC) P
Train-the-Trainer: Writing Pre-proposals & White Papers (GRC) P
FIPSE: Comprehensive Program (GRC) B
NSF Workshop P
Introduction to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (GRC) P
Basic Overview Session (Hosted by IES) P
Grant Writing Workshop (Hosted by IES) P
Application Process Session (Hosted by IES) P
How to Get Started: Grant Writing Basics (Hosted by GrantStation) P
Writing a Letter of Inquiry (Hosted by GrantStation) P
Developing a Powerful Statement of Need (Hosted by GrantStation) P
Grantseeking During a Recession:How to Broaden Your Grant Support (Hosted by GrantStation) P
Focus on Green Funding, HHS (Hosted by GRC) P
Partners Investing in Nursing's Future Program Orientation P
Two New Opportunities from NEH (Hosted by GRC) P
Competitive NSF Proposals (GRC) P
Business & International Education (BIE) Program (GRC) P
NSF Workshop P
Overview of IES Cognition & Student Learning Program P
DLT Grant Webinar P
Making Time to Write Grants (GrantStation) P
Grant Writing: Getting off to a Good Start (GrantStation) P
Research & Sponsored Programs futures in the Obama Administration (GRC) P
Science and Humanities Funding Priorities of the Obama Administration (GRC) P
Foundation Panel - Understanding How Private Funders Make Decisions (GRC) P
Academic Research Enhancement Award Update (GRC) P
NASA Research Opportunities Overview (GRC) P
Institute of Education Sciences Program Review (GRC) P
Developing Excellent NSF Proposals (GRC) P
The Economic Stimulus Bill: Implicatioins for Higher Education B
ARRA-Stimulus Recovery Act Overview P
Two new NSF solicitations: ARI R2 and MRI R2 P
Grant Writing for Higher Ed. (PaperClip Communications) B
Foundations Facing the Crisis (GRC) P
Broadband Workshop P
Keynote Address The Development of a Research agenda at the Comprehensive/Regional University (GRC) P
NSF Support for Undergraduate Education (GRC) P
Overview of Fulbright "Hays International Programs (GRC) P
Update on NEH Grant Programs (GRC) P
Veterans Upward Bound (GRC) P
Overview of Fulbright Programs for US Institutions (GRC) P
ED Emergency Management Programs (GRC) P
Finding Sustainable Solutions:Partnerships in Higher Education (GRC) P
Positioning Your Organization for International Funding (GrantStation) P
Curious Minds: An Open Forum on Grants Research & Grant Writing (GrantStation) P
National Endowment for the Arts (GRC) P
HRSA Nursing Workforce Diversity Program (GRC) P
Veterans Services & Support: An Overview (Academic Impressions) B
Disability Services: Working with Student Veterans on Campus (Academic Impressions) B
Preparing for the Emotional Concerns of Returning Veterans (Academic Impressions) B
Creating Time: A Practical Guide to Grants Development (GrantStation) P
Writing for the Reviewer (GrantStation) P
Corporation for National and Community Service (CNS) Learn and Serve Web Conference (GRC) P
Responsible Conduct of Undergraduate Research: A Problem-Solving Workshop (GRC) P
Promoting Undergraduate Research (GRC) P
Interagency STEM Education Priority Programs (GRC) P
NEA Proposal Development Advice (GRC) P
HRSA Office of Rural Health Policy Funding (GRC) P
NSF l3 Web Conference (GRC) P
International Grants for Small Nonprofits Webinar (GrantStation) P
Gleaning the Meaning: Evaluation Basics Webinar (GrantStation) P
Writing Capacity Building Grants Webinar (GrantStation) P
USDA AFRI Web Conference (GRC) P
Grant Writing Workshop on Education Policy (IES) P
Grant Writing Workshop for Efficacy and Replication Projects (IES) P
Grant Writing Workshop for Development and Innovation Projects (IES) P
My Elevator Speech (GrantStation) P
The State and Local Evaluation Overview (IES) P
Using Outcome Data to Tell Your Story (GrantStation) P
National Science Foundation's New TUES Program P
Adult Education Grant Writing Workshop (IES) P
Finding Arts, Culture, and Humanities Funding (GrantStation) P
Building a Grantseeking Calendar (GrantStation) P
Writing Capacity Building Grants Webinar (GrantStation) P
Keynote I: Teacher Education Policy Overview (GRC) P
NSF Faculty Rotator Perspective (GRC) P
ED Business and International Education Overview (GRC) P
NEH Digital Humanities Programs (GRC) B
NSF Comprehensive Program to Broaden Undergraduate Participation in STEM (GRC) P
Support for Nursing Programs (GRC) P
Workforce Development Initiative (GRC) P
Foundation Center: Trends in Private Giving (GRC) P
Overview of NIJ Grant Programs (GRC) P
International Research and Educational Partnerships in Developing Countries (GRC) P
NEA Grants and Goals (GRC) P
What's New With TRIO: Member-Led Q&A (GRC) P
Maximize Use of GRC Tools (GRC) P
YSA Training Grant (UnitedHealth HEROES Service-Learing Grants) P
American Educational Research Association (AERA) (GRC) P
Evaluation Basics: Logical Frameworks (GrantStation) P
NEH Challenge Grant Workshop (GRC) P
How to Secure Funding from Foundations (GrantStation) P
Writing Federal Grants (GrantStation) P
What Every Funder Wants to Know: Where's the Needs Assessment? (GrantStation) P
U.S. Department of Labor Conference Call Regarding the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Program P
How to Craft a Proposal to a Foundation (GrantStation) P
Finding Federal Funding for Public Safety Programs in 2011-Audioconference (CD Publications) P
Grant Writing: Getting Started (GrantStation) P
Fulbright Distinguished Chairs Awards: What Are They, and Who is Eligible (CIES) P
Customizing Your Grant Proposal to Meet Funder's Needs (GrantStation) P
NIH for Early Career Investigators (GRC) P
Fulbright Opportunities in Central and South Asia (CIES) P
Writing Capacity Building Grants (GrantStation) P
Presenting Your Credentials in the Fulbright Scholar Application (CIES) P
Fulbright Opportunities in Middle East and North Africa (CIES) P
NIH New Application and Review Processes (GRC) P
Job Creation & Workforce Development (GRC) P
Small Business Development and Incubators (GRC) P
Violent Crimes Against Women on Campus (GRC) P
National Eduation Assoication Grants for IHEs (GRC) P
Getting Ready for GEAR UP (GRC) P
Office of Air Force Scientific Research (GRC) P
NSF Research Coordination Networks (GRC) P
ED Promise Neighborhoods Program (GRC) P
NSF and NIH Responsible Conduct of Research (GRC) P
International Research and Exchange Board (GRC) P
NEH Public Programs (GRC) P
NSF STEM Talent Expansion Program (GRC) P
What's New for FIPSE in FY11 (GRC) P
Using Outcome Data to Tell Your Story (GrantStation) P
Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists: How Partnerships Strengthen Science Education (Chronicle of Higher Ed) P
Event Focuses on How to Find Funding in Tough Times (CD Publications) P
How to Craft a Successful Project Statement (CIES) P
Fulbright Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa (CIES) P
Conducting a Community Needs Assessment (GrantStation) P
Transformational Learning Through Undergraduate Research & Creative Performance P
Fulbright Enrichment Programs (CIES) P
FIPSE Comprehensive Web Conference (GRC) P
Application Process (IES) P
NIH Web Conference Focuses on Children in Military Families (GRC) P
Economic Development Webinar P
Fulbright Scholar Opportunities in Indonesia (CIES) P
How to Internationalize Your Campus through the Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program (CIES) P
How to Craft a Proposal to a Foundation (GrantStation) P
Conducting a Community Needs Assessment (GrantStation) P
Designing Surveys That Produce Useful Results P
Grant Writing Workshop (IES) P
Customizing Your Grant Proposal to Meet Funder's Needs (GrantStation) P
Basic Overview Session (IES) P
Reviewing Your Fulbright Application (Fulbright) P
Why You Can't Ignore Export Controls (GRC) P
What Grant Makers Want--and What Turns Them Off P
Developing and Orchestrating Economic Development and Job Training Grants from the Department of Labor P
ED Education Funding Update (GRC) P
ED Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GRC) P
EPA Funding for Environmental Scientists (GRC) P
NSF ADVANCE: Increasing Participation and Advancement of Women (GRC) P
NEH Division of Education Programs (GRC) P
DoD Instrumentation Funding (GRC) P
DoD Minerva Research Initiative: Supporting University-Based Social Science Research (GRC) P
NSF Division of Undergraduate Education (GRC) P
HRSA Division of Nursing Update (GRC) P
NASA Funding Opportunities (GRC) P
Update on Proposed Changes to Human Subject Protections Regulations (GRC) P
NSF Cyberinfrastructure Funding (GRC) P
NEA Our Town (GRC) P
FIPSE Outlook for FY 12 (GRC) P
Hazardous Materials and Restricted Research P


P = Printed Media such as a book or white-paper.
E = Electronic Media such as a CD or DVD.
B = Both (Printed Media & Electronic Media) formats.

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