Public Relations Journalism Courses (PRJ)

PRJ 2230
Introduction to Public Relations (3)
  This introductory course examines the communication and persuasion concepts underpinning public relations, in addition to public relations history, role, ethical and professional standards, strategic planning and tactical planning.
PRJ 3321
Public Relations Cases and Strategies (3)
  A case study and project-based approach to public relations research, strategy setting and tactical implementation. Prerequisites: PRJ 2230 and either JRN 1102 or PRJ 3375
PRJ 3375
Public Relations Writing (3)
  This course (designed for non-journalism majors)focuses on developing the professional writing skills required for public relations practitioners, AP style and how to write effectively for clients, the media and for online publications.
PRJ 4419
Advanced Public Relations Tactics (3)
  Practical experience in preparation of public relations messages for a client. Prerequisite: JRN 3321. Co-requisite: JRN 4423
PRJ 4423
Public Relations Case Studies (3)
  Application of public relations theory and best practices resulting in the creation of a complete public relations campaign for a client. Prerequisite: JRN 3321. Co-requisite: JRN 4419
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