Center for Public Service


The primary mission of the Center for Public Service is to provide expert assistance to Alabama state and local government agencies as well as nonprofit organizations in the state.  The Center supports Troy University's strong commitment to community outreach and utilizes both University faculty and staff as well as outside consultants to provide research and analysis to its clients.  A secondary objective is to develop opportunities for University involvement in international technical assistance and capacity building to coincide with the University's global reach and impact.

Areas of Expertise

Among the areas where the Center for Public Service provides individual or team expertise are: organizational analysis, human resource management, strategic planning, project management, criminal justice administration, senior services policy and administration, health care policy and administration, program evaluation, local government management, policy analysis, development and implementation of training programs, conference planning and administration, cybersecurity, democracy and governance, legislative strengthening, election administration and conflict mitigation.  If expertise is sought in other areas where social science methodologies can be problem focused, the Center would be pleased to assess whether its network of consultants may be able to provide needed services.

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