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Why do people in society interact and behave the way they do? If you’ve ever puzzled over that question, a degree in social science is for you. Uncover the hows and whys of human society, and develop a stronger understanding of what makes people tick. Choose from general sociology, geography, or a leadership concentration, and walk away ready to apply what you’ve learned and excel in your career, or continue with graduate studies.

Welcome to the Department of Social Sciences of Troy University

Annette Allen, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor and
Chair of Social Sciences
SS is a multidisiplinary department offering degree programs in Sociology, Anthropoloy, and Social Science (with multiple concentrations). For information on these programs, as well as our various minor programs, check out the Troy University Undergraduate Catalog or for more information on the graduate programs check out the Troy University Graduate Catalog 

For information on the progams and faculty in our department, click on the appropriate links. If you have questions about the Department, direct questions to the Chair, or to the appropriate faculty member (e-mail addresses, where available, can be found in the faculty pages to the left).

Social Science

The Social Science major at Troy allows students to specialize in a variety of concentrations. The available concentrations are anthropology, general social science, geography, geomatics, leadership, and sociology. 

For more information about the Social Science Major, as well as our various minor programs, check out the Troy University Undergraduate/Graduate catalogs
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