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Sociology is a broad discipline through which one can scientifically study human group behavior and the consequences of human social patterns. Students may choose a sociology major or minor. Additionally, the sociological perspective in conjunction with the perspectives offered through anthropology, criminal justice, geography, and political science rounds out the interdisciplinary approach taken for the social science major and minor. Areas of concentration in social science include anthropology, geography, gerontology, leadership, and general social science. The social science education major is designed to provide courses for the student to meet the requirements of the State Department of Education for certification of teachers. 

Sociology majors/minors and Social Science majors/minors traverse through a curriculum that conveys the interconnectedness of social, political, and economic spheres at the local, state, regional, national, and international levels.

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Alpha Kappa Delta 

Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD), the international sociological honor society, is open to all students who demonstrate a serious interest in sociology. You do not have to be a sociology major to be eligible for AKD membership. Contact us for details and watch for the AKD web page.

Job Opportunities in Sociology

Opportunities for sociology and/or social science graduates include areas such as: community economic development, consumer market research and analysis, gerontology, environmental assessment, socioeconomic research and analysis, teaching, and public administration.


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