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Bachelor of Science in Art Studio with Concentrations in 2D | 3D | Photo

The Bachelor of Science degree in Art Studio is a general, liberal arts degree with emphasis in one of three areas: 2D Studio, 3D Studio and Photo Studio. This program of study is designed for those who wish to have a general knowledge about two or three-dimensional artwork or photography. A minor is required of students pursuing this 36-hour major in Art Studio. A host of minors are listed in the TROY Undergraduate Bulletin or listed online. Students should also know that there are some "custom-designed" contract minors or hybrid majors available as well. Consultation with an academic advisor is always recommended when selecting a degree program so that the student can be made aware of the many options.

Programs of Study in Art and Design

A wide range of programs are available for the artist/designer of the future. In an age when critical thinking and creative problem solving skills are needed more than ever before, the Department of Art and Design is committed to developing relevant academic programs and initiatives. These programs are designed to better prepare students for a career as well as meet the increasing visual demands of a multi-sensory and multicultural world.

Please make an appointment with one of our academic advisers or peruse the detailed Programs of Study in the sidebar to the right to help guide you toward the instructional path of your choice.

If you would like to see a description of all 2009-2010 undergraduate art and design courses, click here.



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