Design, Technology and Innovation



BS/Graphic Design (<<dti >> Design, Technology and Innovation)

The Bachelor's of Science degree in Graphic Design (<<dti>> Design, Technology and Innovation), is intended for those students who are interested in pursuing a career or educational advancement in the area of graphic design.

The Graphic Design program, <> Design, Technology and Innovation in the Department of Art and Design at TROY is widely considered to be one of the most innovative programs of study within the discipline due to the hybrid nature and 'real-world' approach to instruction. Graphic designers are trained to be responsible for visual communications in a world that cannot seem to get enough of it. Some of the areas where designers' work is web design, package design, signage, video, motion graphics and print publishing. This field is an extremely huge one and fortunately, a very hot one. The successes of TROY graduates would attest to that fact. The <> program is intended to prepare the next breed of designers to compete in a world marketplace with confidence in aesthetics and in practice.

To download a document with more detail about the specific BS DTI program, click here or go to the Department of Art and Design website.

For more information regarding special minors or contracts, you are strongly encouraged to have a consultation with an academic advisor within the DTI program.