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Interdisciplinary Education (Grades P-12)



If you have a passion to teach a specialization such as art, music, phys. ed., or theatre, then the interdisciplinary education program is for you. In addition to your specialization, you’ll cover a variety of education topics such as literacy, curriculum development, and psychology, and perform an internship to give you hands-on classroom experience.

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The mission of the College of Education is to prepare educators, counselors, administrators, and other professionals to be life-long, innovative, informed, reflective decision makers effectively trained to achieve the goals, competencies, and skills identified by the accrediting and professional organizations for each program. Undergraduate non-certification programs in Psychology are offered through the College of Education at Dothan, Montgomery, Phenix City, Troy, and various Global Campus locations. Offerings include a comprehensive 54-semester hour program, a 36-semester hour major, and a 18-semester hour minor.