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Ph.D. in Sport Management




Over the past two decades the sports industry has grown into a $435 billion industry, and a strong curriculum and faculty with professional expertise will prepare you to be a part of the exciting and expanding world of sport management. Whether you are a current professional looking to advance in higher education or someone interested in achieving leadership positions within the ever-growing sport industry, Troy University’s Ph.D. in Sport Management program holds the keys to a successful future.


The Ph.D. program in Sport Management at Troy University is the first to be offered online in the United States. The online format provides a high level of accessibility and flexibility to best serve the working sport practitioner who desires a Ph.D. in Sport Management. The program concentrates on developing students to generate the research, critical thinking, and teaching skills necessary for them to be successful in the sport industry and higher education. Among the Sport Management faculty, teaching excellence is the standard and providing an outstanding learning and research experience to the student is the priority.


Nearly 74 percent of current working sport practitioners within the state of Alabama agree that earning a Ph.D. in Sport Management would increase their likelihood of reaching a higher executive position, and nearly 79 percent agree such a program would enhance their opportunities for promotions. If you are currently working in the field and find yourself among those numbers, then the Ph.D. in Sport Management from TROY is for you.


TROY’s Ph.D. in Sport Management will prepare graduates for a broad range of sport management-related positions to include higher education, research, professional or amateur athletics and professional sport industry. Offered online, the program is designed to meet the needs of students and working professionals, which further sets TROY’s program apart from others.



Graduates of TROY’s Ph.D. in Sport Management will be prepared to:


    • Demonstrate knowledge from core and specialized areas of study
    • Conduct pertinent and relevant research related to sport industry
    • Interpret and evaluate research studies in sport management
    • Apply sport management knowledge to the solution of complex issues with demonstration of sensitivity to crucial, controversial sport issues
    • Analyze and apply sport management principles, approaches and rationales to contemporary sport management cases
    • Organize and plan programs of service designed to meet local, state, regional, national and international needs, and
    • Prepare research within the field of sport management for presentation and/or publication.


The Ph.D. in Sport Management at TROY is designed to enhance your critical thinking, analytical, statistical and research-based skills required for survival in the contemporary sport industry. Students will acquire these skills through engagement in an integrated academic learning and research-oriented environment with highly regarded faculty that includes the man often referred to as the “Father of Modern Sport Management,” Professor Packianathan Chelladurai.


Collectively, TROY’s Sport Management faculty has published 14 textbooks, 78 textbook chapters, 362 peer-reviewed manuscripts and given 646 national and international peer-reviewed presentations. Highly regarded within the field of sport, TROY’s Sport Management faculty members have served on 158 doctoral dissertation committees and serve as Editor or Associate Editor of eight peer-reviewed journals in the sport management field and as members of more than 20 Editorial Boards.


So, if you are looking to advance in the field of sport management, start that journey with us today.



Admission Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in Sport Management

Application process and deadlines:

The Sport Management Ph.D. program admissions committee will admit students three times throughout each academic year: Term 1/Fall semester, Term 3/Spring semester, and Term 5/Summer semester. In order to be given full consideration, please submit all requested materials by the deadlines listed below:

Application Deadlines:
Term 1 or Fall Admission: Apply by May 1
International: Apply by March 1
Term 3 or Spring Admission: Apply by September 1
International: Apply by July 1
Term 5 or Summer Admission: Apply by February 1
International: Apply by December 1

The following procedures for admission to the Ph.D. in Sport Management program will be adopted:


A Masters degree in a related field with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale from a regionally accredited university or college is required. Applicants must first be admitted to Troy University as a graduate student, and then be admitted to the Ph.D. Sport Management Graduate Program. Admission requirements to the Ph.D. Sport Management Graduate Program are as follows:


    • Department Application Form
    • Three (3) Letters of Reference
    • Writing Sample
    • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
    • Statement of Intent. The statement of intent should:
    • Include details on your rationale for pursuing a Ph.D. in Sport Management.
    • Include details regarding your career and research interests.
    • Identify and provide support for two TROY Sport and Fitness Management doctoral faculty members to serve as potential research supervisors.
    • TOEFL scores are required for all international students; this requirement is waived if the student has earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a regionally accredited US institution. Students scoring 80 or higher on the Internet-based TOEFL Test, 213 or higher on the Computer-based Test, and a 550 or higher on the Paper-based TOEFL Test will be given full consideration for admittance into the Doctoral Program. Students scoring below these requirements may be required to (in addition to other admission requirements) interview with the Doctoral Admissions Committee prior to full consideration of admittance into the program.
    • Submission of GRE scores (verbal and quantitative): Students scoring 1000 or higher (old) or 297 (new) on the GRE (verbal and quantitative) will be given full consideration for admittance into the Doctoral Program. Students scoring below 1000 (old) or 297 (new) on the GRE may be required to (in addition to other admission requirements) interview with the Doctoral Admissions Committee prior to full consideration of admittance into the program.
    • It should be noted that only valid GRE scores (as identified by GRE) will be accepted.
      Doctoral Admissions Committee

The Doctoral Admissions Committee will be composed of all Sport Management faculties with doctoral directive status. The Doctoral Admissions Committee will review all eligible applicants and make a recommendation regarding applicants’ admission into the Ph.D. in Sport Management Program. All students admitted into the program will be assigned a primary research supervisor. After a decision has been made, applicants will be notified of their status.


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