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International Chinese Language Proficiency Credentials Introduction
Chinese Proficiency Test is an international understanding of language proficiency in listening, reading, spoken interaction, spoken production and writing and in being used in Alabama to help guide and define second languages teaching and learning.


The HSK/YCT/BCT can fulfill the needs of testing and evaluating Chinese language proficiency in world wide.

Who is the Host Organization of HSK/YCT/BCT ?
The Chinese Ministry of Education has established the State Committee for the Chinese Proficiency Test (SCCPT). The Committee fully supervises the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) and is the host organization inside and outside of China. SCCPT has set up an office, which is called the Office of the State Committee for the Chinese Proficiency Test (OSCCPT), located at the Department of Testing, China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Hanban). HSK/YCT/BCT certificates which are considered the most recognized official proof of the examinee's Chinese language proficiency are issued by China's National Office for Chinese Language Education.

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2015 Testing

2015 HSK/YCT Test Announcement

Dear Everyone:

This is to announce the New HSK/YCT (Chinese Proficiency Test /Youth Chinese Test) in 2015 at Confucius Institute at Troy University, in Montgomery and the Chinese testing center in Birmingham. Please click on the following page for more information:

Hanban-Chinese Tests; www.chinesetest.cn

2014 HSK/YCT Test Arrangement


Test date

Register Deadline

Results announced date

28th, March


1st, March, 2015

28th, Apr., 2015

17th, Oct


20th, Sept., 2015

17th, Nov., 2015



Test date 


Register Deadline

Results announced date

4th , Apr.



8th, March, 2015

4th, May., 2015

21th, Nov.


writing & spoken

25th, Oct., 2015

21th, Dec., 2015


Registration and Payment Please select the testing date and the location of the test that are most suitable for your convenience. Please fill out the attached registration form and mail them together with a check of corresponding payment or in person to:

017, Confucius Institute Chinese Testing Center
Bibb Graves Hall
Troy University
Troy, AL, 36082

Please write the check payable to: Troy University-Confucius Institute Foundation-Test

HSK written test (level 4-6) applicants MUST also hand in a passport photo.

Please email: kaituoyu@troy.edu if you have any questions.

Thank you very much!

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