How to Order Textbooks

The Blackboard Store, located within Blackboard, is now the new virtual bookstore for all eTROY and Global Campus students. The Blackboard Store is built around the same great services you’ve come to expect, all in one convenient location. Students ordering textbooks for an eTROY or Global Campus course will need to log into Blackboard at and click on the Blackboard Store tab. Instructions for accessing the Blackboard Store.

Important Note: After registering for courses, there will be a delay of up to 8 hours before students can see the textbook information specific to their registration within the Blackboard Store. Once registration information has been transferred to the Blackboard System students will be able to order textbooks within the Blackboard Store.


Book Voucher Procedure

The book voucher program is for students with approved excess financial aid, Chapter 31 VA, Alabama G.I. Dependents’ Scholarship Program, or Alabama Vocational Rehab. The student’s VA Form 1905 or other TA Form must authorize book charges and list the amount authorized to be approved for a book voucher. VA Chapter 31 students must sign and send their book receipt to Troy University Student Financial Services. TROY charges a 10% handing fee for using the book voucher system. Book vouchers are available for use in the new Blackboard Store.

The last day to submit a book voucher is shown the eTROY Academic Calendar. The last day to order books with an already approved electronic voucher is the Wednesday after the term begins.

STEP 1. Submit an electronic voucher form

STEP 2a. Wait to receive a confirmation e-mail from MBS (if you have not received a confirmation e-mail with 48 hours you may contact MBS at 1-800-325-3252).

STEP 2b. If you have an approved voucher, please click button below to proceed to the Blackboard Store:

Blackboard Store


To view a complete eTROY/Global Campus Booklist of course materials available through the Blackboard Store, visit the eTROY/Global Campus Booklist

When Ordering From Outside the United States
If you live outside the United States make sure that you order your book(s) early or have them shipped to you by the fastest means possible. You are responsible for making sure you receive your textbooks in a timely manner.

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