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Are you curious about learning in the online environment?

Would you like to take an online class, but feel that you need more information? This page is designed to help you discover more about learning in the online environment, the skills and technologies that are required, as well as some helpful tips on how to become a successful online student.

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Introduction to Online Learning

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Are you ready for online learning? There are quite a few differences between learning in a face-to-face environment and learning in the online environment. The information below should help to outline some of these differences.

So, what kinds of technological skills do you need to be a successful online learner? Some of the minimum recommended technology skills for learning online are:

  • Sending and receiving e-mail
  • Creating, sending, receiving, and printing Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or other documents
  • Possessing the necessary Adobe Reader software to open and print PDF files (Download FREE Adobe Reader)
  • Posting and responding to discussion board questions
  • Taking assessments online, such as quizzes and other exams
  • Learning to navigate the course space within the Blackboard course management system


Troy University uses the Blackboard software as our online learning system. Blackboard is an online course management system accessed via a Web browser (Mozilla, Netscape or Internet Explorer, etc.).

Students and faculty/staff members will use the Blackboard site to access course/site documents, research links and library resources, receive and deliver completed assignments electronically, take tests, and communicate with each other.

Although communication is generally asynchronous (i.e., you don't have to log in at a certain time), the actual course content is very structured. Normally assignments will be grouped by weeks or by modules and will be due on certain dates chosen by the instructor. Online classes are not easier than on-campus classes; in fact, many times they are more difficult because the student has to be very self-motivated.

Computer Technical Requirements

In order to get the most out of your online classes, there are some basic computer technical requirements.

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