Priority Dates/Deadlines for Financial Aid Application and Completion

Priority Dates for the 2016-2017 Academic Year (requires a 2016-2017 FAFSA)

The FAFSA should be completed as soon after January 1, 2016 as possible for the approaching Fall 2016 to be considered for all types of aid.

is the ideal time period to complete your financial aid to ensure funding will be available at the beginning of the Fall semester.

for the approaching Fall - the date by which we would prefer you to have applied. Funds are awarded for the nine month academic year - you are expected to save for summer enrollment from your fall/spring award. If you have any funds unused, these may be awarded for summer.

If your FAFSA information is received prior to May and your file is complete in May, your funds (assuming you complete the MPN with the lender after we certify the loan) should be ready to be placed on your account at the end of free/drop add period.

Financial aid that has been processed and awarded will count toward the one-third payment. Students, who are awaiting a financial aid award, that is, financial aid is in process, will be required to pay one-third of their related charges. If you have not received an award letter by August 1 for Fall or December 10th for Spring, you should make arrangements to pay the first one-third on your own.

If you have a sponsor paying funds toward your account or a private scholarship you will be bringing to the institution, those funds must be here by August 1st for Fall or December 10th for Spring to count towards the one-third. If your signature is required before the scholarship, is paid to your account, it will not count toward the one-third until it is signed; it would be better to pay the one-third and be reimbursed by the credit balance, once the scholarship is processed.

When you register for classes, you assume the responsibility for all actions related to your enrollment. That is, should you decide to withdraw or not attend classes, the burden is on you to notify the university of your decision. Registration for classes indicates your intent to use our educational services. We will act accordingly to facilitate that action. Notify the Records Office, in writing, within the first week of registration of your decision to withdraw to avoid paying full semester charges and/or having your financial aid cancelled. You should not count on being automatically withdrawn for non-payment to relieve you of your responsibility to withdraw.

Work Study funding is first come first serve. Money is not saved for students who have worked previously. The same is true for most other funding except for the Pell Grant and Stafford Loans

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