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When Troy University administrators, faculty, or staff prepare grant and contract proposals for external funding, they are acting on behalf of the University. For that reason, all such proposals must pass through a review and submission process established by Troy University. Following is an overview of that process.

  1. Highly Recommended...
    Contact OSP as soon as you begin work on a grant or contract proposal by emailing The OSP serves as the initial point of contact for external proposal writing at Troy University; therefore, the OSP should be notified prior to development of a proposal for external funding. After notification of the intent to write, the OSP will forward a Transmittal Form to the writer. Other initial considerations follow:If two or more departments are seeking external funding from an agency which will only accept one proposal, or if submission of multiple proposals to an agency would jeopardize funding of all proposals, then the administration will determine which proposal shall be submitted for funding consideration.

  2. Required for Corporate, Foundation or Private Proposals...
    Obtain preliminary clearance from Development if your proposal will be submitted to a corporation or foundation. (If not, proceed to step 3.) To begin the process of obtaining preliminary clearance, send an e-mail requesting a clearance form to Jean Laliberte, Associate Vice Chancellor, Advancement.

  3. Required for All Proposals...
    No less than 7 business days in advance of your proposal submission deadline, complete the Transmittal Form and secure signatures of the Principal Investigator, Chair and Dean, and submit the form with a complete copy of the proposal to OSP. OSP will review the information provided on the Transmittal Form and will route the proposal and Transmittal Form for review and approval. OSP will decide what approvals are needed based on the nature of the proposal and established criteria for the selection of administration. If changes in your proposal are requested by the administration, OSP will communicate these to you and will resubmit your proposal for reconsideration as soon as the changes are made. NOTE: Grant and contract proposals must pass through the review process to be eligible for submission, so it is important that you submit a completed Transmittal Form to OSP no less than 7 business days in advance of your proposal submission deadline.

  4. Required for All Proposals...
    Complete work on your proposal no later than noon on the business day before it must be mailed out (or electronically submitted) to meet the submission deadline. OSP will assist upon request in the mailing of project proposals. For this service, the proposal must be in final form, with all sections in place, including attachments such as letters of commitment from external partners. This will enable OSP staff to conduct a final check of the proposal and arrange for express mailing when required.Note: To ensure that your proposal arrives at the funding agency on time, it is important that it be completed by noon on the business day before it must be mailed or electronically submitted.

Upon request and availability, OSP will submit the proposal to the funding agency on your behalf. You will receive a complete copy of the proposal from OSP for your files unless the submission is electronic.