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Common Formats


Interviews may be conducted using these various formats or combinations:

  • One-on-one Interview - One representative employer conducts an interview with you.

  • Panel or Group Interviews - Two or more employer representatives interview you alone, or in a group with other applicants.

  • Observation Interview - You are evaluated while conducting a presentation or performing a task. This format may be used when human relations and group influence skills are important job factors.

  • Video Interview - This format is cost-efficient for an employer located in a distant city, and may occur on- or off-campus using videoconferencing equipment or a camera-mounted PC linked to a special telephone line. Wear solid dark clothing, focus on the interviewer's image, speak clearly, and avoid quick movements. You may keep a resume in front of you for reference.

  • Telephone Interview - Prepare as you would for any other interview, but pay special attention to your verbal presentation. Try to schedule the call in a quiet room free of interruptions. Take notes and have your resume on hand to answer specific questions about your experience. Be aware that a seemingly casual phone conversation with any employer can actually be a screening interview.