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Perceiver Interviews


Not all school systems will approach the interviewing process in the same way. Some schools may do more than one level of interviewing while others may only do an on-site interview to make their decision.

A first-round interview is a screening device for the administrator/human resource officer to assess the applicant’s general skills and behavior. Sometimes a first-round interview will be done on-site. In other places, it may be done by telephone.

One type of first-round interview is the Teacher Perceiver Interview. According to How to Get the Teaching Job You Want by Robert Feirsen and Seth Weitzman.

The Gallup Organization, the same organization famous for its election polls, has developed three standardized interviews for screening the potential of teachers, called the Teacher Perceiver Interview, the Urban Teacher Perceiver Interview, and the Automated Teacher Screener. In an effort to give the hiring process more scientific validity, Gallup interviewed master teachers about their craft, then trained thousands of school district personnel from around the country to administer a similar survey to teacher candidates. Responses evidencing attitudes, feelings, and behavior consistent with master teachers earn candidates a pass to the next round. The Teacher Perceiver and the Urban Teacher Perceiver interviews are administered in a one-on-one conference involving a school administrator and a candidate in the administrator’s office and last between 20 and 45 minutes. The Automated Teacher Screener requires candidates to dial an 800 number and respond to questions using the telephone keypad. Applicants can take the Automated Teacher Screener, approximately a ten-minute process, by calling from the comfort of their own homes. Copyright laws prevent public disclosure of Gallup survey questions. (112)