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Dr. Diane Weed Dr. Diane Weed
Director School of Nursing

Welcome to the School of Nursing’s Trojan Forum. We're thrilled to be launching this new area of the school’s website. The Trojan Forum will provide information regarding news and upcoming events. I also believe it will provide a snapshot of the exciting work and accomplishments of our nursing faculty, staff, students and alumni. Let me start with a heartfelt thanks to Dr. Wade Forehand for creating this forum. His willingness to serve the SON with his time and talent is truly appreciated.  Also, thank you to all of the faculty, staff, and students for your support of our school.

There are a number of exciting developments in the SON to share, but for now I'll share just a few highlights. In addition to the five program coordinators, we are starting the New Year with a new coordinator position. Dr. Wade Forehands graduate faculty position was repurposed in part to meet the schools needs for management of community partnerships and distant education. Alignments with community partners and preparation for distant education programs are critical elements in our ability to move forward.

During our community meetings, we have been engaged in exciting and in-depth dialogues. We’ve talked with and listened to many healthcare professionals and community representatives. From these meetings major areas of need have been identified, especially a need for more well-prepared nurses. Since new faculty lines have been approved, we are gearing up to provide more well-prepared nurses at every level to meet growing healthcare needs.

December 2014, our departmental secretary, Mrs. Amy Owens won the Troy University's Vergil Parks McKinley Award for her outstanding attitude, innovation, and work ethic. With this celebration we are also saddened to be saying goodbye.  January 16, 2015 she will be leaving TROY and moving to Florida.  We wish her much happiness and success.

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