416 Little Sioux Lane

Seale, Alabama xxxxx


May 6, 20xx


Dr. Linda Longfellow, Principal

Central High School

Mento City, Minnesota xxxxx


Dear Dr. Longfellow:


I am pleased to accept your offer of the position of tenth grade math teacher at Central High School beginning with the 20xx-20xx academic year. I wish to verify that my beginning salary will be $xx,xxx, spread over twelve months, and that I will have the extra duty assignment of assistant junior varsity girls’ basketball coach.


I will be in Mento City in early June to begin seeking housing and to become more familiar with my classroom. Prior to that trip, I will contact you to make sure that the school will be open. I will remain at my current address through the end of July, and plan to move in early August.


Thank you for your suggestions regarding the housing situation. I look forward to speaking with you soon.





L. Michelle Chandler