Your Address Your City, State Zip Date Person’s Name Person’s Title Organization Name Organization’s Address City, State Zip Dear (Mr./Ms. Person’s Name), The opportunity to apply for (name of position) is exciting.  I have been preparing myself for such responsibilities for the last five years.  Consequently, I was pleased when I learned of the opening through the Troy University Career Services office.  Following my (month and year  of  graduation)  graduation,  I  will  be  eager  to  begin  my  first  professional  position. Past experience with (names of 2-3 organizations) have allowed me to develop a variety of personal and professional attributes.  Among the most pertinent to the (name of position) position would be my (name one outstanding, provable attribute).  As indicated in your position announcement, this position also requires a knowledge of (knowledge or skill area).  My academic preparation in (major field of study) has provided me with such knowledge as demonstrated by my course work in (courses).  Additionally, my internship with (name of organization) has given the opportunity to apply this knowledge in a real-world setting. My enclosed resume will provide you with additional information regarding my qualifications for the position.  Please consider my request for a personal interview to discuss in greater depth the contributions that I would be able to make to the position of (name of position).  I will call you next week to see if a meeting can be arranged.  To reach me prior to that, please call me at xxx- xxxx. Sincerely, (signature) Your Name Enclosure