Your Street Address Your City, State Zip Date Person’s Name Person’s Title Organization Name Organization’s Street Address City, State Zip Dear (Mr./Ms. Person’s Name), For the past four and one half years I have focused on developing my skills in the field of (name of field).  Through my formal education in (course of study), my internship with (name of organization) and my involvement in (name of career field-related student organization), I have sought to develop myself as a well-rounded (name of profession). I will be making a permanent move to (name of city) in early (month) and seeking a challenging position in (name of field).  It is my hope that (name of organization) will be able to provide such a challenge.  As indicated on my resume, I will graduate in (major) from the University of Colorado- with a (name of degree) degree.  During my formal education I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to (state some unique aspect of your education). During Spring Break, (date) to (date), I anticipate visiting (name of city) to explore housing arrangements.  During that time, I would appreciate the opportunity to visit with you as well.  I realize that you may not have any openings currently, but I would like to explore the possibility of future positions.  I will contact your office next week to arrange a meeting at a time convenient for you. Sincerely, (signature) Your name Enclosure