Your Street Address Your City, State, Zip Date Person’s Name Company Name Company Address City, State, Zip Dear (Mr./Ms. Person’s Name), Thank you for the opportunity to interview yesterday for the (name of position) position. I appreciate your hospitality and enjoyed meeting you and the members of your staff. The interview confirmed my initial positive impression of (name of organization) and reinforced my strong interest in being associated with such a(n) (adjective) organization. I was particularly pleased to learn (name something learned from interview). My prior experience in (type of experience), plus my training in (refer to training), would enable me to become a strong contributing member of your team. Please let me know if there is any information that I can provide that will help you in your decision- making. If I don’t hear from you prior to (day indicated in interview), as you suggested during the interview, I will call you (next day after suggested day), to see how your selection process is progressing. Sincerely, (signature) Your Name