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music ensembles

The Troy University Band Program is a comprehensive, student-oriented, multi-faceted organization that encourages participation from all disciplines and academic majors on the university campus. Troy instrumentalists not only have the opportunity to be in the renowned “Sound of the South” Marching Band, but also to perform in the Symphony Band and Chamber Winds, three Concert Bands, two jazz ensembles (big band), three jazz combos, the Basketball Pep Band, and various small ensembles.


Symphony Band
Dr. Mark Walker, Conductor


“Sound of the South” Marching Band
Dr. Mark Walker, Director of Bands
Dr. T. Adam Blackstock, Assistant Director of Bands


Jazz Ensembles and Jazz Combos (Jazz Chamber Ensemble)
Mr. Raymond H. Smith, Coordinator of Jazz Studies


Campus Band (fall semester)
Dr. Mark Walker, Conductor; Graduate Assistants, associate conductors


1:00 Concert Band (spring semester)
Dr. Mark Walker, Conductor; Graduate Assistants, associate conductors


2:00 Concert Band (spring semester)
Mr. Raymond H. Smith, Conductor; Dr. Larry Blocher, associate conductor


“Sound of the South” Basketball Pep Band
Dr. T. Adam Blackstock, Director

POPulus is an American band comprised of students in Troy University’s Music Industry Program. Artists of diverse and eclectic styles blend together in a unique musical environment honoring all genres of American popular music.  The term POPulus was created by combining the musical genre “POP” with “ulus,” a Mediterranean languages term for “nation” or “people.” With their dynamic vibe and distinctive name, their music appeals across genres, generations and geographic borders.

Music Popus

For more information regarding band scholarships, auditions, or opportunities to support the band program through the University Foundation, please contact the university band office.




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