Theatre & Dance Ensembles


theater dance ensemblesSeeking enlightened and entertaining performances, we not only unite ALL the performing arts but encompass all disciplines - artistic, scientific, philosophical, and even vocational. We believe we are all-embracing and non-elitist art forms whose purpose is to pursue TRUTH through eloquent and evocative theatrical means. Because of this inherent power, which can stir both artists and audience to laughter, tears, questions, or even anger, the challenge to affect the medium with artistic excellence abides within the mission of the Department.


Collaboration and artistic unification are key in the Department of Theatre and Dance, where we start with the blank page and create new worlds complete with sets, lights, costumes, sound, properties, scripts, characters, dancers, singers, and actors. Audiences enjoy classical, contemporary, drama, comedy, children’s theatre, and musical theatre which we perform in concert with the Long School of Music. In class and on stage, we are committed to fostering an atmosphere of creative experimentation in preparation and performance, developing both theatre and dance as an academic, cultural, and recreational activity.


Degrees are offered in Theatre and Theatre Education, along with minors in dance and theatre, and specialization contracts in design/technology , acting, directing, stage management, musical theatre, dramaturgy, and playwriting.  Nearly 150 students, faculty, and guest artists practice theatre and dance in a broad-based course of study ranging from history and analysis to design and technical theatre; from acting, voice & movement to management & public relations; and from ballet, modern and contemporary dance to musical theatre. Along with mainstage and lab productions, the Pied Piper troupe that enchanted tens of thousands of children of all ages for 30+ years, continues to thrive as a component of our first year theatre program. The Musical Theatre Ensemble and Classical Ensemble offer specialized study and performance, and the elite Repertory Dance Ensemble brings distinction to the campus not before experienced.


Alumni are working throughout the industry on television, in film, at regional theatres, on and off Broadway, in the commercial industry, on cruise ships, as well as universities and classrooms across the country.


The faculty is composed of recognized leaders and professionals in the field, who have been awarded prestigious state, regional, and national honors from the Kennedy Center-American College Theatre Festival, the Southeastern Theatre Conference, and the Alabama Conference of Theatre among others.


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