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ERA is a very broad term that is being used to describe any electronic tool that is used in research administration. Email, electronic proposal submittal, electronic approval and routing systems and web access are just a few of the tools that fall under the ERA umbrella.

At Troy University ERA is currently being defined within the operations of the Office of Sponsored Programs. Because of the unique nature of many of the ERA tools, it becomes necessary to establish, on behalf of the Institution, the OSP requirements for the following tools:

Electronic Proposal Submission:

Many agencies are developing their own web-based resources for electronic submission of proposals. Regardless of the agency's method of submission, all proposals must have institutional endorsement before being submitted electronically. This approval process is no different that our current policy, i.e. the OSP requires seven (7) working days prior to agency deadline to review, endorse and submit (electronically) the application . A hardcopy of the OSP Transmittal Form must be completed and signed by appropriate officials and submitted to the OSP prior to our final endorsement of the proposal. Examples of agencies with web-based systems are as follows:

  • The National Science Foundation's FASTLane. All investigators must first register with the OSP to receive a PIN. Send an email to to obtain your PIN. Please complete the following form to receive a password for NSF Fastlane.

  • US Department of Education offers electronic submission for a limited number of programs. All electronic submissions to the US Department of Education require that the OSP be the Application Manager. Please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs if you are submitting an application to a program that requires electronic submission.

  • Department of Energy requires electronic submission for most solicited proposals. All electronic submissions are required to be done by the OSP. Upon submission of your application to the OSP for processing please provide the files in the electronic format specified by the original solicitation.

If you encounter any agency that requires electronic submission please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for guidance in the proper procedures for submission.