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First Year Studies TROY 1101, 1102, 1103, 3300 Dr. Hal Fulmer Dean 670-5747

College of Arts & Sciences

    Dr. Bill Grantham Associate Dean for Administration 670-3637
    Dr. Leora Waldner Associate Dean for Administration - Global Campus 770-730-0033
    Dr. Robert Saunders Associate Dean for Administration - Dothan Campus 334-983-6556 Ext. 385
    Dr. Sig Harden Associate Dean for Administration - Montgomery Campus 334-241-5473
PHI, HIS History Dr. Allen Jones Chair 670-3512
    Dr. Scout Blum Associate Chair 334-670-5663
  Math Dr. Diane Porter Chair 670-3406
    Dr. Ken Roblee Associate Chair 670-3549
  Geomatics Dr. Steve Ramroop Associate Dean for Administration - Dothan Campus 334-983-6556 Ext. 385
CS Computer Science Dr. Bill Zhong Chair 670-3388
    Dr. Xiaoli Huan Associate Chair 850-420-7961
  Political Science Dr. Steven Taylor Chair 670-3759
    Dr. Doug Davis Associate Chair 808-6280
  Master of Science in International Relations Dr. Jonathan Harrington Director 206-232-3238
  Master of Public Administration Dr. Vickie L. Edwards Director 334-808-6507
EBS Biology Dr. Glenn Cohen Chair 670-3401
    Dr. Julian Pittman Associate Chair 334-808-6478
SCI Chemistry & Physics Dr. Govind Menon Chair 670-3924
    Zhiyong Wang Associate Chair 670-3573
    Dr. James Sanders Associate Chair 670-3571
  Science & Technology Dr. Govind Menon Director 670-3924
  Criminal Justice Dr. Jeffrey Rush Chair 670-3441
  Master of Science in Criminal Justice Dr. Xiaoli Su Director 334-808-6571
SOC, ANT, GEO, REL, Liberal Studies, Economics, LDR Social Sciences Dr. Annette Allen Chair 808-6595

College of Business

    Dr. Judson Edwards Dean 670-3989
Over Sites – Dothan, Montgomery, & Phenix City   Dr. Hank Findley Assoc. Dean Admin 670-3459
    Dr. Scott Bailey Assoc. Dean Intern’l Studies & Special Programs    
    Dr. Rod Blackwell Assoc. Chair 229-639-3485
TAX, RMI School of Accountancy Dr. Kaye Sheridan Chair 670-3154
ACT   Dr. Lorraine Magrath Assoc. Chair 670-3155
LAW, Ethics   Dr. Skip Ames Assoc. Chair 337-983-6556
    Dr. Chung Baek Assoc. Chair 334-983-6322x1259
ECO, FIN Division of Economics Dr. Stephen C. Miller Chair 670-3525
HRM Dr. Dennis Self Chair 334-241-9729
MKT Marketing Dr. William Foxx Chair 334-808-6141
MBA, IMBA, MGT, HSA Graduate Programs
Dr. Bob Wheatley Director 670-3161
QM, IS Division of Info Systems & QM Dr. Ronald Shehane Chair 808-6130

College of Communication & Fine Arts

    Dr. Larry Blocher Dean 670-3869
  Dept of English Dr. Kirk Curnutt Chair 241-9701
  Dept of Art & Design Ms. Pamela Allen Chair 670-5738
  Modern Languages & Classics Dr. Pete Howard Chair 670-3869
  School of Music Dr. Larry Blocher Director 670-3322
  Journalism & Communication Dr. Jeff Spurlock Director 670-3267
  Theatre & Dance Dr. Don Jeffrey Interim Director 670-3714

College of Education

    Dr. Lance Tatum Interim Dean
    Dr. Dionne Rosser-Mims Assoc. Dean 670-3460
ECE, ELE, EDU, EDG, SPE, RED Teacher Education Dr. Ruth Busby Chair 670-3546
CP, PSY (graduate) Counseling Dr. Andrew Creamer Chair 670-5612
PSY (undergraduate) Psychology Dr. Kirk Davis Chair 670-3595
ASL and ITP Interpreter Training Judy Robertson Director 670-6331
VP: 334-635-0041
RHB Rehabilitation Dr. Andrew Creamer Chair 670-5612
ADE, EAL, some EDU, ILA, TL, SL Leadership Development and Professional Studies Dr. Jan Oliver Chair 808-6425
CAFE Certification and Field Experience Dr. Jason Wingate Director 670-3447
ACCESS Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators, and Students Statewide Reba Davis Director 808-6232
AMSTI Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative/Science in Motion Kim Dove Director 670-5962
Inservice (SEARIC) Southeast Alabama Regional Inservice Center Faye Allen Program Coordinator 670-3494
Technology in Motion Dr. Roland Weldon Specialist 670-3495

College of Health & Human Services

    Dr. Mark Tillman Interim Dean 670-3712
  Dept of Human Services Dr. Denise Green Chair 670-3366
SFM Dept. of Kinesiology & Health Promotions/Athletic Training Dr. Mark TIllman Chair 670-3712
HSTM School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Mgt. Dr. Anthony Dixon Interim Director 808-6424
  School of Nursing Dr. Diane Weed Director 670-3745
  Social Work Dr. Denise Green Chair 670-3366
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