Departmental & Professional Organizations


Departmental and Professional Organizations

One of the best ways to enhance your academic development at Troy University is to join a departmental/professional organization. Most students join these organizations their junior and senior year, but certainly you can do so earlier. The benefits to you are enormous. First, you develop close friendships and ties to those who are in your academic area. You will take most of your classes with your fellow organization members and this will be a chance to have fellowship with those in your major. Many students will form study groups and socialize with their fellow members. Another benefit is that every organization has a faculty advisor. This is your opportunity to get to know a faculty member outside of the classroom. Many faculty members are contacted by businesses about job openings; therefore you want them to think of you first. Also, many of the departmental/professional organizations bring in current professionals to speak to their groups about their businesses and their job experiences. Many of their members enjoy field trips to businesses. As you plan out your academic career be sure to join an organization tied to your major.


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