Leadership, Service, & Special Interest Organizations


Leadership, Service and Special Interest Organizations

One of the hallmarks of American life is participation in civic life. Our hometowns and communities are greatly enriched by the efforts of many local groups. The same is true at Troy University with its organizations, especially those of our Leadership, Service and Special Interest groups. You will find these organizations serving the university and community in various ways. If service and leadership is important to you, please take a look at these organizations. Troy University students donate countless hours of service each year through student organizations. They can be found tutoring children in after school programs all around Troy, volunteering at our local nursing home, cleaning up the roads and rivers near Troy, working in the Salvation Army store, mentoring children in the Big Brother/Little Sister program, coaching children’s teams, and countless other opportunities. Many students often have a special interest they want to share with others and often groups are formed around a special interest or hobby. If we don’t have a club that meets your needs, please think about starting one.

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