Religious Organizations

Studies of Troy University freshmen always show that they come to Troy with a strong spiritual background. Our religious organizations are here to help you to continue in your spiritual growth. Welcome Week is filled with activities by our religious organizations because they want to be a part of your life from the very beginning of your journey at Troy. Troy has many diverse religious organizations affiliated with religious denominations as well as some non-denominational ones.   You will find small group bible studies happening every day of the week all over campus. Many groups offer praise and worship services every week and this allows student talent to be featured. As a freshman you have a choice of continuing your spiritual development your family instilled in you and we encourage to continue your development through the opportunities offered by these organizations. Our students have participated in mission trips all around the world.  Many students come from a strong church family and our religious organizations would like to be your church family while at Troy. How do you join? You just start going to their events, it is easy as that! Plus it’s free!

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