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Master of Business Administration - International (MBA) - International Management



The Sorrell College of Business is dedicated to helping you obtain the knowledge you need to become a valuable member of the global society.

Master of Business Administration - International (MBA) with an International Management concentration provides a broad preparation in business administration with advanced study focused on international management within the context of a global business framework.

Position yourself as a leader in the field by obtaining proficiency in the analytical, technical, and behavioral tools needed for contemporary international management, particularly as they apply to developing and executing strategic management efforts.

This degree is a non-research oriented master’s degree that focuses on fundamental aspects of advanced business across all of the business disciplines with additional emphasis on equipping you to effectively lead the people, the organization, and the organization relative to its external environment. Success involves meeting the challenge of building, managing and leading a successful organization in a dynamic environment of technological change, global competition and employee diversity.

The MBA - International with an International Management concentration is the degree for individuals seeking preparation for leadership in business, government, the military and not-for-profit organizations, both in the U.S. and the world over. Opportunities lie with all types of business and public organizations that have a global facet or deal with a diverse international employee base.

The Sorrell College of Business is committed to helping you achieve your educational goals. Faculty members are highly qualified and possess diverse academic and business backgrounds. Because our faculty members have real-world experience, course instruction focuses not only on vital concepts but also on practical application of these concepts.

With your degree in hand, you will have demonstrated your abilities to think critically and globally. By applying problem-solving skills to real-world global issues, you will hone your written and verbal communication skills and increase your confidence in providing effective recommendations to decision makers.

  • Position yourself as a leader
  • Advanced study across all business disciplines
  • Global perspective
  • Accredited program
  • Focus on international management
  • Qualified and experienced faculty

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