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July 27th, 2011


TROY's Big Win in Starkville
Matt Clower, Class of 2004

For anyone who ever attended Troy University, football games are surely a source of many fond memories. For me, one of the best such memories was TROY's crazy, unlikely, unexpected win over Mississippi State in 2001. I don't think of any us who made the drive to Starkville that day expected anything other than for the Trojans to, at best, put on a respectable show against the Bulldogs. But TROY surprised everyone by refusing to be anyone's homecoming pushover.

Over the course of a rainy, stormy afternoon (with a game-postponing tornado warning no less) TROY grabbed the lead and refused to let go. I remember standing in the front row, surrounded friends and fellow students, holding on to the railing with white knuckles and screaming my throat hoarse as the last seconds ticked off the clock. When it reached zero, several of us gave serious consideration to charging on to the field. The giant, thorny holly bushes surrounding the bleachers finally convinced us to see reason. That and the deputy sheriffs eyeing us.

That wet, wild, unforgettable afternoon was the first of many unforgettable wins that the Trojan football time has had since moving up to Division 1 and is definitely among my favorite memories of TROY.

Matt Clower, Class of 2004