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October 5th, 2011


Football's win over #19 Missouri
Chip Dillard, Class of 2001
Web Coordinator, Troy University

During my years in school here at TROY from 1997-2003 I served as a student assistant in the Athletics Media Relations office.
Even after I went to work as the university webmaster at TROY in October of 2003, I continued to help out on the statistic crew for football games.
During my time at TROY, I have been given the opportunity to watch some of the most memorable events in TROY athletic history and also document those on the web and in print.

The Missouri game was one of my favorite TROY Athletics memories.

I received a call a couple of days before the Missouri game from my friend and former co-worker in the media relations office asking if I was available to work for ESPN doing talent statistics for the Missouri game.
Although it was still up in the air at this point it was rumored that the ESPN Game Day crew of Kirk Herbstriet, Lee Corso and Mike Tirico were going to be calling the action for the game. Of course I said yes.

I went in the announcer’s booth pre-game to speak with the spotter for the announcers. He was primarily who I spoke with throughout the game. A lot of things are happening over the headset during the game. You hear everything the producer says, all communications between the spotter and the announcers and anything the announcers are saying live on the air.

I had an opportunity to introduce myself to Lee Corso and asked if they had time to take a quick photo. He said it would not be a problem if I could wait around for a few minutes because they were about to do a live shot with Sports Center preceding the start of the game.
I think the hardest part during the game was wanting to cheer TROY on, but I knew I had to wait until after the game was over.

I remember being so proud of our players and coaches that night. It remains one of my favorite games to go back and watch.

Chip Dillard, Class of 2001