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SUBMITTED:  February 15th, 2012

TROY In My Eyes
H. Nguyen, TROY Graduate Student

After spending first two years at Troy University Ho Chi Minh City, I decided to move to the TROY main campus in Troy, Ala., as an early approach to experience the US's hospitality and tourism industries, the area I have dreamed to work in for quite a long time. All I expected to receive when making the decision were a good environment to practice English and a deeper academic knowledge as TOY Main Campus has more subjects to choose from. However, TROY has been much more than my expectations! From TROY, I have received not only academic knowledge I need for my career, but also life experience, good relationships and great opportunities.

Life in TROY is interesting. When I was in TRIT HCMC, I somehow knew that TROY had many campuses around the world. However, only when I am here can I understand how diversified TROY has been. Students, even instructors, coming from many countries in the worlds have brought to TROY an incredible multi-cultural environment. In my first semester in TROY, I was really surprised when I was greeted in many languages! Some were Chinese; some others were Japanese, Indonesian, Thai and some others else.

The diversity has brought me so much fun. I have had chances to get to know new things from my international friends, discover their cultures, and learn a little bit of their languages. In exchange, I also talk with them about my country. ISCO (International Student Cultural Organization) Annual Party in the end of 2010 was an unforgettable memory for me when people from around the world could stand together in a small space like Trojan Ball Room and shared fun, left all worries out there alone. Food is another exciting experience for me.

At TROY, I have opportunities to taste new foods, and even my traditional food. From Dining Hall, Trojan Food Court, and ISCO parties, I have tasted many delicious American, European and Asian dishes. I remember once the Dining Hall brought Vietnamese and Thai Food to students here. My friends and I were crazy because of the event. And there are more and more: sport nights where I can shout out loud excitingly, football matches with roads full of people, art performances of talented people, and out-town trips to new places. I just wish I can stay here for a longer time to discover things I missed.

Strong relationships based on understanding, sharing and love are a wonderful present for me being a student at TROY. Friendships and love come to me from the times I have joined activities at TROY. The Vietnamese Student Association, with the strong support from TROY, becomes a link not only for Vietnamese with Vietnamese students but also with international students and Faculty and Staffs of Troy. VSA now is considered one of the most active international student associations at Troy. I also received invitations to visit my international friends’ hometowns.

I feel so excited about those invitations. I will go one day. I have also had valuable relationships with my professors and staffs in TROY. There were times I came to visit my professors in their houses, joined in parties with others students and listened to them talk about their life. Whenever I get trouble in studying as well as in my personal life, I can feel free to come to talk with my professors. And Mrs. Steward and Mrs. Maria Frigg in International Student Office remember my name. They have helped me many things so I can be my best. So far I am happy with my life and my achievement in study here in TROY.

Last but not least, golden opportunities for personal growth provided by TROY are immeasurable. Chances for jobs, internships for every student are always full at TROY. In 2009, I had a great opportunity to work for Disney Company in Florida in the internship between Troy University and Disney. I cannot say how valuable working experiences from the internship are for me. For more, there are opportunities for socializing, for improving personal and professional skills, and for lighting up talents. As I experienced, non-music piano students like me still have chances to attend to top performances performed by professionals or play in amateur shows as I did in the “Christmas in TROY” piano duets show in Dec 2010. At Troy, the spirit of progression pushes people to step up. And for all great efforts and achievements which are recognized, there will be worthy awarded. Troy University Annual Honors Convocation stays that spirit clearly.

After difficulties of first days in a new place which everyone has to face with, I now can truly enjoy my time here. I would love to tell you more and more about the life in Troy. For short, Troy is my academic education, my lovely student life and my trust for my future success.

How wonderful to be a Trojan!

H. Nguyen,
TROY Graduate Student