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Troy University initiated operations in West Central Georgia in 1976 by serving the educational needs of the US Army at Fort Benning. Following 9/11, a metro Columbus location was opened in order to facilitate access for the area’s non-military population.

As the higher education landscape changed and more and more non-traditional students entered the student mix, the University’s Global Campus responded by opening locations designed to serve adult, professional and military students around the state. Atlanta opened in 1995, initially to serve Federal employees. Then in 2000, locations opened in Brunswick (also serving sailors from Kings Bay Submarine Base), Albany (also serving Marines from the Corp’s Logistic Base), and Augusta (also serving soldiers from Ft. Gordon). In 2002, a location in Covington was opened in response to the significant growth and increased demands of the Atlanta metropolitan area. And finally, the University’s location in Savannah opened in 2005 to serve the local community as well as the military population at Ft. Stewart.

Strategically placed locations that serve both civilian and military students have become the model for Troy’s Global Campus in the 21st Century. Today, the seven Georgia locations serve a population of undergraduate and graduate military and civilian students who are enrolled locally and online across the state and around the world.