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College of Education
There’s no getting around it: Education is the heart of what Troy University’s
College of Education (COE) does. In preparing future educators,
counselors, administrators, psychologists, and sign language interpreters,
the COE stresses the importance of learning with an academic experience
that spans well beyond the classroom. Our dedicated faculty members
provide real-world experience that makes classroom learning come alive.
College of Health & Human Services
The College of Health & Human Services blends a professional perspective
with a liberal arts and science foundation so that its graduates are
prepared for a seamless transition from college to careers in fields such
as athletic training, human services, health education, physical education,
nursing, rehabilitation, social work, and sport and fitness management.
The Sorrell College of Business
If business is your aspiration, an education from the Sorrell College
of Business (SCOB) will ensure you are ready to be competitive in the
business world. The SCOB prides itself on delivering quality education that
will equip you to excel in a global business environment. Just some of the
fields you may study are business administration, accounting, information
systems, management, marketing, risk management and insurance, human
resource management, and business economics.
College of Communication & Fine Arts
The College of Communication & Fine Arts (CCFA) is just the place to bring
out that creative person in you. CCFA boasts one of the University’s newest
buildings—John M. Long Hall, which is home to the University’s dance and
music programs. From spacious rehearsal facilities for choral ensembles,
Symphony Band, the renowned Sound of the South marching band, and
a thriving dance program to individual practice rooms, John M. Long Hall
provides a first-class facility for students to learn, grow and excel. The quality
programs in the CCFA are designed to meet your needs and provide you with
the opportunity to gain valuable experience by joining a choral or instrumental
ensemble, immersing yourself in a language while studying abroad,
developing your artistic talents, mastering multimedia journalism, appearing
on TROY TrojanVision television, performing on stage, and more.
College of Arts & Sciences
Whether your interests are in solving crimes, cyber security, protecting the
environment, or somewhere in between, the College of Arts & Sciences has
a place for you in one of many high-demand programs such as anthropology,
criminal justice, computer science, liberal studies, mathematics, political
science, sociology, history, biology, chemistry, environmental science,
international relations, public administration, and more.
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