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TROY has empowered me through the knowledge
gained in my classesand through the opportunity
to intern in a physical therapy setting. I have
learned firsthand how physical therapists
empower their patients.
Madison W.
The professors at TROY are dedicated
to serving students. I will forever be
grateful for their willingness to help
as I progressed toward my degree.
—Kyle T.
Everyone at TROY is so giving of their
time and their efforts. Professors teach
more than just what is in a book. They
teach real-world, life experiences and
that is what makes TROY so special.
—Danielle P.
My college years at TROY have inspired me to
dream big. The foundation I gained here in my
education made me want to become a good
physician and go back to my home country of
Vietnam, and contribute to the healthcare there.
—Mai T.
When TROY soccer player Kailani D. was
diagnosed with cancer, her team formed
#Project19 to build awareness of
Hodgkin’s lymphoma and to unite Trojans
in supporting Kailani’s recovery.
TROY student Jared A. unearths a delicate
artifact in Ashkelon, Israel, the site of an
ancient seaport that once served as the
capital of Canaanite kings and the harbor
of the Philistines.
Production of
The Single Girl’s Guide
TROY graduates accomplish more
than they ever thought possible.
Dr. Daniel Sutter
Troy University Professor
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