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Do you want to see the world? Studying abroad
not only allows you to do just that, but it may
actually help you get a job! A recent study
found that studying abroad may be one of
the best ways for college students to find jobs
related to their majors sooner after graduation,
and at a higher salary.
At Troy University, there are numerous study
abroad programs to choose from—study theatre
in London, or maybe you’d like to travel to
Switzerland to study renewable energy. Whatever
your interest, there is a program for you.
TROY student Jared A. unearths a delicate
artifact in Ashkelon, Israel, the site of an
ancient seaport that once served as the
capital of Canaanite kings and the harbor
of the Philistines.
Production of
The Single Girl’s Guide
than they ever thought possible.
Dr. Daniel Sutter
Troy University Professor
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