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Students who
are Alabama
At TROY, you’ll live in a beautiful and diverse
setting with opportunities in more than 150
clubs, philanthropic groups, and study abroad
programs, and the excitement of our Division I
athletic program.
The fun and adventures are not just limited to
the classroom and campus. The city of Troy
is one of the most charming Southern cities
you’ll find, complete with a picturesque town
square rimmed with great food options and
unique boutiques. It is a town rich with history
yet ripe with culture, offering numerous
dining and entertainment options. So read
about our history, talk with TROY students
and alumni, and then come and visit for
yourself. You will find that Troy University is
more than just a school; it is a place that will
awaken the warrior spirit within you, showing
you how to succeed in life and achieve more
than you ever thought possible.
When TROY soccer player Kailani D. was
diagnosed with cancer, her team formed
#Project19 to build awareness of
Hodgkin’s lymphoma and to unite Trojans
in supporting Kailani’s recovery.
TROY student Jared A. unearths a delicate
artifact in Ashkelon, Israel, the site of an
ancient seaport that once served as the
capital of Canaanite kings and the harbor
of the Philistines.
Production of
The Single Girl’s Guide
TROY graduates accomplish more
than they ever thought possible.
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