Troy University Guide to Sorority Recruitment - page 5

There are three fun-filled rounds of events during recruitment
week. All potential members attend five events the first day.
Please Note:There are 18 events scheduled for Philanthropy
Day (between Monday &Tuesday), 12 events scheduled for
Theme Day betweenWednesday &Thursday and eight events
for prefernece day on (Friday).
Your recruitment counselor will inform you which par ties
you will attend each day. A potential member may attend a
maximum of four Theme events and may attend two Preference
events.The object of recruitment is to obtain enough
information from each sorority to decide which is best for you.
You will not visit the same house more than once per round
of recruitment. All schedules must be issued through official
Panhellenic channels. Any violations should be reported to a
Recruitment Counselor or the Panhellenic Advisor.
What to expect from
membership recruitment
Membership recruitment is FUN. Relax and be yourself. Even though you
may be nervous, the sorority women are just as anxious as you.They want to
make a good impression on you just as you do them. Go through membership
recruitment with an open mind. Do not listen to rumors, be swayed by material
possessions or make your choice before you come. Follow membership
recruitment procedures carefully. If you have any questions, consult your
Recruitment Counselor. Also, food and drink are not served at any of the
recruitment events. Be sure to eat before attending the parties.
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