TROY Dothan Campus Library gets grant from Target

Posted: Thursday, 17 September 2009

DOTHAN—Target has provided a $2,000 grant to Troy University’s Dothan Campus library which will aid in the purchase of books for the TROY Summer Spectacular program.

The Summer Spectacular is a four-week learning enrichment program for local children ages 7 to 12 led by students in the Dothan Campus education program. About 150 area children participate each summer.

The TROY students who teach during the Summer Spectacular utilize the resources of the Dothan Campus library, checking out on average 40 books each during the program, said Library Director Christopher Shaffer.

“This generous grant from Target will do much to improve the collection of books used by students in our education department, and it is especially helpful during this period of education funding proration,” Shaffer said.

The library will provide matching funds for the grant.