Troy University students win Norton Anthology video competition

Posted: Monday, 07 March 2011

TROY—A group of Troy University students recently took top prize in an international contest for their video interpretation of a classic medieval story.

Students in Dr. James Ortego’s fall undergraduate British literature class at the Dothan Campus were named the winners of the Norton Anthology Student Video Contest for their video version of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.” The contest results were announced last week

The contest invited college students worldwide to submit videos of up to five minutes in length depicting a work from any Norton literature anthology. The top videos as selected by the publishers where posted to the Norton website with fans voting for their favorite. The TROY video came out on top with more than 1,100 votes.

Dr. Ortego said he gave his students the opportunity to complete the video assignment as an alternative to a research paper.

“For undergraduate courses, a paper is not required; there just some has to be some type of research project,” Dr. Oretego. “I thought that if everyone was willing to contribute and gave it a good effort this could count as the research project for the class.”

The entire class of seven students participated in making the video, including bringing clothes from home for costumes and shooting scenes over several days.

“The idea we had was to use still shots and kind of make it like a comic book,” said Emily Wood, a senior English major from Newton. “We were all very surprised and excited to hear that we had won.”

Norton is sending the class a $250 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble and the class will be acknowledged in an upcoming edition of the Norton Anthology of English Literature.

The video can be viewed via the TROY YouTube channel at: .

The members of the class were:
Carmon Daniels of Dothan, a sophomore chemistry major,
Roman Kurschov of Ozark, a junior political science major,
Joanne Le of Dothan, a junior pre-professional biology major,
Karyn Lord of Dothan, a junior social work major,
Jordan Massey of Ozark, a senior English major
Brittany McDaniel of Dothan, a junior criminal justice major and
Emily Wood of Newton, a senior English major.