Tuition change will be implemented in Fall 2008

Posted: Thursday, 05 June 2008

TROY -- Troy University will change the way it charges tuition by implementing a per-credit-hour tuition schedule beginning fall semester 2008, according to Dr. Richard Federinko, Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Services and Administration.

Dr. Federinko said the revenue expected to be generated by the new tuition schedule will only resolve a portion of the deep cuts of over $7 million in state appropriations for Troy University for the 2008-2009 academic year.

The new tuition schedule is structured to ensure that students pay for each credit hour when registering for courses in order that all students will be treated the same. Except for two universities, all other Alabama public two- and four-year colleges charge by the credit hour.

“Our University leadership believes that the best and fairest approach to address the funding shortfall is to charge tuition at a reasonable level for each credit hour rather than implementing a steep across-the-board tuition percentage increase,” Dr. Federinko stated.

For traditional “in-class” courses, the University will charge $177 per credit hour for undergraduate tuition and $200 per credit hour for graduate tuition. Courses delivered “on-line” will be charged per credit hour as well, but at different prices depending upon the type of program. New on-line undergraduate tuition will be $200 per credit hour and on-line graduate tuition will range from $350 to $600 per credit hour.

Dr. Federinko pointed out that full-time undergraduate students who register for 12 “in-class” credit hours will incur a slight tuition increase. Part-time undergraduate students taking fewer than 12 “in-class” credit hours, about 54 percent of TROY’s current student enrollment, will pay no tuition increase under the new system.

The University will also implement a $6 per credit hour service fee and increase the parking fee to $35 per year. However, Dr. Federinko added that the registration fee, the room and board fees, and the student activity fee will not increase for fall 2008.

“Troy University has always been sensitive to how rising tuition costs impact students,” Dr. Federinko said. “These tuition and fee changes for next year will cover only a fraction of the state funding decrease. We are confident that Troy University will remain an attractive, affordable higher education value and compare favorably with peer institutions in Alabama and on the national level.”