TROY political scientist publishes book on Russia

Posted: Wednesday, 05 November 2014

TROY - Troy University political science lecturer Dr. Michael Slobodchikoff has released his second book, "Building Hegemonic Order Russia's Way: Order, Stability and Predictability in the Post-Soviet Space."

This book examines Russia's emergence after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its creation of a security architecture in the post-Soviet space. Many scholars argue that Russia is a coercive power in the region that forces states to act in only its own interests. While acknowledging Russia's power, Slobodchikoff argues that it is not able to merely force states to behave as it wants them to. Instead, Russia must use bilateral and multilateral cooperation to develop a security architecture that provides order, stability and predictable behavior for both Russia as the hegemon and the weaker powers in the region.

"While Western politicians have argued that Russia has tried to reestablish the Soviet Union through coercive means, the reality is much more of a nuanced interaction among all of the states in the region, which ensures state sovereignty while allowing the weaker states to pursue their own interests," he said.

An expert on Russia and Ukraine, Slobodchikoff specializes in relations between Russia and the former Soviet states, international conflict and peace, and comparative politics, and has offered his insights into the recent Ukrainian developments as an analyst for BBC World News and Voice of Russia Radio.

His book, in addition to his first book "Strategic Cooperation: Overcoming the Barriers of Global Anarchy," is available on

Dr. Michael Slobodchikoff

Dr. Michael Slobodchikoff