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    U.S. News and World Report named
    Troy University’s Online Graduate Business
    Programs to the Best for Veterans list.
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    TROY can help you succeed, even while balancing
    the responsibilities of family, work and education.
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    Corporate Partnerships &
    Community Spirit Program
    TROY offers many partnership
    & community spirit program
Welcome to the Phenix City Campus

Troy University


Surrounded by some of the most beautiful forests the Chattahoochee River Valley region has to offer, Troy Phenix City’s newest riverfront location stands tall overlooking the rapids of the Chattahoochee River. Here, you’ll find courses being offered by TROY’s Sorrell College of Business and College of Health and Human Services. Down the road, along U.S. Highway 431, our long-standing campus location will provide you with College of Education and College of Arts and Sciences courses. Looking ahead into Phase II, our campus off of Highway 431 will be relocated to our riverfront location. Here, in Phenix City, you can finish the degree you started years ago or forge a new path. Here, surrounded by a vibrant, growing city and the longest urban whitewater white water rafting course in the world, you can take your education and hobbies to the extreme. Here, you can be and do anything.

At Troy Phenix City, we seek to empower students like you. Our dedicated faculty and staff understand you have a life outside your courses and responsibilities requiring your time and focus. That’s why we are committed to providing you the academic options and tools you will need to successfully navigate your way to the degree and career you desire.

Whether finishing up an undergraduate degree or pursuing your master’s or Doctor of Nursing Practice, our Phenix City Campus offers night, weekend and online courses to help you achieve your academic goals. Our courses are offered five times a year in convenient 9-week terms so you have the options of graduating on an accelerated schedule or enrolling in classes when your schedule allows.

TROY Columbus and Ft. Benning

Across the Chattahoochee River in Columbus, Georgia, TROY continues to provide students with opportunities to succeed at our Columbus and Ft. Benning sites.

Columbus residents have the options of taking online and in-class, general education courses at our Columbus site or attending upper division and graduate classes across the river at TROY’s Phenix City Campus without having to pay out-of-state tuition costs.

TROY’s Ft. Benning site is proud to offer military students the opportunity to earn their Master of Science in International Relations. Officers from South and Central America who have been selected by their armies for advancement of future promotion have the opportunity to develop professionally within their fields of service. This one-year command and staff course is the equivalent to a master’s degree in the military and is taught annually in rhythm with the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation school year. While all courses are taught in class, TROY provides students who have missed courses or start dates the opportunity to continue their program through online classes.

Truly, a TROY degree has never been more accessible to students in Phenix City, Columbus and Ft. Benning. Troy University has been committed to the students of the Chattahoochee River Valley for almost half a century, and we continue to take that commitment seriously.

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