Sallie Bet

Sallie Bet

January 1st 1849

 My Dear Mother

By [Mr] Turner’s request I have again commenced a letter to you, which I fear will be short & uninteresting Since I last wrote you I have engaged my self very well & have seen much that was interesting. I made another trip out to Ope^lika on the car to a party that was to be given. I have the pleasure of seeing General Hamilton, and seeing the [citizens] crowding the front doors & windows of every dwelling, inquiring, “where is General Hamilton, I wish I could see him  Oh where is he,”  He created almost as much excitement as General Taylor would have done. At the party here I saw [Misses] [Mary] & [Laduska] Bryan .  Also Ed & Buck.  [Tam or Tom] [Marphy or Murphy] was also here. You may rest assured that he danced well, I did not know Buck Bryan, he has grown so much, he is remarkably handsome and is a pretty dancer.  All the young ladies fell in love with him.  [Tam or Tom] Me- Ed B__ & Buck B__ enquired very particularly about the family especially James. They are anxious to see him & wishes to know if he has grown much & e.  Mrs Whale & Stephen Pelat came to see me a few days since;  Mr [Jae] Pelat sent me word he would up here soon, he was to have been up on Saturday but failed to do so, he is expected here daily. I received a letter from [Miss] [A] [Nannelu] giving me a [pressing] invitation to come down & see her. Mr Pelat requested her to do so. I visited Mrs. Ener Dudley on Saturday last – (formerly E Lilly.) She sends her best [love] to you with a request that you should visit her beautiful little pine wood mansion. She has a very pretty little boy just beginning to talk. Mr Dudly has just returned from Washington City ; he invented a new [made] of making candles & went to get a Patent Right, but did not succeed. On tomorrow night I am invited to a party at Mrs Graysons, it is given to me. I had an other given me a few days since By Mr Walker. I have attended four parties since I came up.  Well Ma having now written   you enough of such uninteresting news, I will now state the object of this letter:  It is to inform you (by Mr  Turner’s request) that he will be down there the second or third week in this month.  also his [Lady],  John [E] Martin & my self. He requested me to do this that you might be prepared to receive John Martin who is decidedly the most important character. Mr Turner says you must have the floors dry rubbed until you can see your face in it, and so smooth that if a fly lights on it, that it will slop up & break its neck. He says John [E] Martin is some “[ ]” for he is the General’s nephew. He says be sure not to send [ ] me. I have not time to write half Mr T. told me to write. Ma Write to me, if you have not done so & tell me whether or not you have moved, & if the house is finished I do not want John [E] Martin to come here while we move. If I can learn exactly the day I will be there I will write to you.  [Miss] Lou will come with me.  Give my love to Pa & Jim. My love to all the people that likes me well enough to ask about me.  I am very well indeed, and have grown so fleshy that none of my [dresses] will not meet on me.

Yours affectionate


P.S.  I have a strange circumstance to relate to you when I come home. I am a harder hard shell Baptist than ever.  It is strange, Singular

Sallie Burns


 Dear Malvina

After my long communication to my Mother I have yet time to say a few words to you. But in what style shall I commence. I know not how to begin for I have so much to tell you it would now puzzle me to begin.  I have spent a pleasant Christmas, never have engaged my self [ ].  I am yet the same as when here at school,  wherever I am there is a crowd, I am followed up and attended to, the same as when I was a little school girl. Oh I have had a [glorious] time since I came up here.  It is all life & pleasure, parties here without number, I have a delightful time to be sure. You perhaps would not enjoy your self so well as I do, for I have a [disposition] to be pleased any where.

Billy Hagley has run out at Date, like a gret m- - - other boys & girls. Well now Malvina I cant wr[ite] any more while I ask about the Dr___ how is he & where is he; is he as pretty as ever. I would like to see him very much. I hope he is not going to leave next year ^ or this year I mean? Will he continue at the Gap this year. I have met with one man that knew him when he lived in Columbia county, he is a great man.

Give my best respects to the Dr & my best wishes & earnest prayers for his future happiness & eternal welfare.

Your true friend

Sallie Bet


P.S.  I have a strange circumstance to tell you when I return. Wonderfully strange.



[Transcribed by Stacy Bryant, June 2005]

[Edited by Tina Bernath, June 2006]