Mrs & Mr Scarborough

Mrs & Mr Scarborough

December the 8th 1849

Mrs & Mr Scarborough

Dear friends

Your very interesting letter was recd. a day or two since, and I feel thankful that I am well enough to give you an immediate answer.  I had began thinking that you never did intend writing again, but am happy to find that I am not yet forgotten.  Oh you must not say that you will bring Malvina to see me no more until I come there.  I would gladly spend all my time with her (except a few hours now and then) but I cannot get James to go anywhere with me.  I have not been even to preaching but once since the 6th.  You must come Christmas, we are going to have a big eggnog’, pa has employed a pedlar to bring him 20 dozen eggs, Oh you must you must come.  Oh think of a good eggnog, and be sure you come and if I can get James off I will go back, and stay with you until you are tired of me.  You asked if I had forgotten Dr H-, no, no never will I forget him, I saw him on the 6th he is as lovely as ever, and as interesting he told me he would be here again to day, and it is now half past nine, and he has not yet come.  Oh I wish he was here, I feel lonely a little, but while writing to you I am contented.  I often get tired of books, flowers, wash and every thing, and if Malvina was only here I should have somebody to cheer me up, Oh I wish she could live near me.  I never expect to mary, therefore I intend to spend one half of my tine at your house, and the other half Malvina must spend here; I shall be so happy then.

Miss Martha Harper and Mr A White were married a few nights since.  There has been several parties and quiltings in the neighborhood but I was not invited.  Old Mr Green is going to give one, the day before Christmas, I learn from the Mises Williams that I am to be invited.  I anticipate a great deal of pleasure, but I almost fear that they will not ask me; Malvina come over and I will go any how, I will write a ticket for you, and one for my self and we can go then and show that we have invitations and I am sure we will not be treated with coldness.  Mr David Busrey has moved back to Talbot and Mr C Parker now occupies his place.  Miss Ann Williams is going to Randolph or Lee to teach school next year.  Malvina can’t you get me a school over there, I must teach too, as any body can teach now adays.  Frances Williams is also going to Randolph again.  Jack Flemming is dead, he ran away from here on account of debts, and was taken with the cholera in Louisiana and died his wife is out there and is extremely low, she will not recover perhaps.  I think he fell in company with about 100 others and 50 of them is dead and the other 50 likely to be soon.  Do not go to Arkansas, for fear of being sick, Have you any idea of going, and will you remain in Ala-. longer?  If I was married, I should be willing to go after the cholera subsided if you and Hardy would go, but I do not wish to go until I is marry for there is no body there, I love’s  And I love all that are out here.  Billy [Mc---] keeps store in Columbus.  I believe I have written all the news that is interesting to you.  I have been sitting here at the window writing and looking out occasionally for the Dr-. until I am nearly frozen.  Oh he has not come yet.  Mr Scarborough pa has requested me to ask you in this letter, if you stand in need of the money he is owing you, he says he will thank you very kindly and take it as a great favor of you if you will let him have it next year, he says he will pay you all that he can if you are obliged to have it.  Write soon.

Think of the Eggnog and come to see us Christmas, perhaps [Sara] will be here, she has not written in a long time.

Mr and Mrs Burns send their best respects and wishes to both, and says come over Christmas.  May-be-so I will not marry.

Accept the care of your aff- friend

Tallie Burns