Georgia  Stewart Co – Sept 19th 1851

Mr Scarborough

Dear Friend   this morning affords me with an opportunity of [Righting] you a few lines    I have pleasure of saying to you my health is tolerable good at this time   my Family is well except James & Thomas bo are labouring under [cold]    James is confined to his bed   Thomas has got up & about   this is but little [sickness]    heds colds I believe is all wee have   I hope you arrived Safe at home & has Recoverd from your attact of fever   I have had some fears of your Relapsing [still] I hope not    [There] has nothing occurred since you left worthy of your attention   James married Tuesday night after you left   I have Received 1 letter from Sarah since you left   Also Thomas & Mrs Narrell has Received 1 apeice   his health has Improved   She thinks She will start home some time in October   the lord grantit you know that my life is but little satisfaction to me   I have not sold out   yet the decline in cotton has made people cautious   also they are pushing to the [loe] countys   they will soon tire [thare] but let them go   if I go atall it will be to the west   others do as they please   I hope you are satisfied   Contentment is greate gain   god grant I may yet Have a contented minde tho I do not expect it   god is able to do all things   it is to him I look for All my help   o that I may act aRight & do his will   Dr Turner says he cannot Raise the money for Harriette    [Predden] Williams has come home from Chambers co   he says that [barker] will give 1000 Dollars in cash for harriette   barker is a brother in law to my wife   he married [presmetia] horn   my wife Did not like like them   therefore if he was to offer the fifteen hundred dollars he whould have her   I think harriett would be pleased to live with that   vina [I] Rather you would have [hir] than any person I know   She is a good negro & I would like [hir] to have a good master   if you want [hir] [Rite] soon as she is for sale   I would glad to see you before I go west if I atall   cant you come & see me before I start   I like to come & visit you before I go   you know that I am old & weakly   I don’t think I can come   You must excuse me if I do not come   it is not for want of Respect for you & family   I would like so mouch to see melvina & Amanda   My dear wife thought so mouch of them   it gives me a double attachment for them   My dear friend you know that all my earthly happiness is fled  is gone for ever   if I was worth millions I could not enjoy it with out my dear wife   I have but a few Days to live in the troblesom world   I want to spend them in the service of god   that I have suffered His will on earth I ascend to the mansions of bliss   Thare to join my dear wife & [hir] 2 little babes in [padise]    to god that has [biner] so good to me if get thare   I want all my friends to meete me thare    [These] parting will bee nomore how is yor health how is yo family the health of your brothers family give them my Respects   [Rite] [Soon]   I will wait to from you   I am looking for a letter to day from Sarah   god grant she may bee able to come home   it will bee a greate comfort to   I feel that I am ruined & undone for ever   I must come to a close by saying I still [Re]main you friend & well wsher



[Transcribed by Stacy Bryant, June 2005]

[Edited by Tina Bernath, June 2006]