G F Bryan

G F Bryan

August the 22 18[5]2

Dear Brother

I received yours and was glad to hear from you   I am well   may those finde [______] you still inhealth and all   I hope you may be able to sell for six but if cannot get that   split the difference with him at [______] 5 ½  per acrer    and if he will not give that go to cutting down below you fielde in the swamp right bravely for a weeke or too and come bach to six dolars and I thinak you will be able to get five and a half or six    keepe at work as though you were going to say all ways    that will helpe you to sell sooner    be shore to sell if you can get five and a half cash    tell him that is the the lowest dim   if you have not pledgeid your self to let it go at five, do not be to haste to take five for it, wate on till  November be fore you take five dollars a [_______]    if you can sell [______] seven dollars per acrer in two payments take it    watch them, rite to me in ten day how you are get ting on, I have four land warents all paid for    try to coll [ect]  all the mony you can and we will buy some help

Yours Truly [G][F] Bryan

I stayed sick until morning


[Transcribed by Stacy Bryant, June 2005]

[Edited by Tina Bernath, June 2006]