Scarbrough Esqr

Scarbrough Esqr

Auburn January 20th 1855

[---] Scarbrough Esqr

My Dear friend

[---] written to you once since I recivd [---] friendly letter in forming me [---] place of destination for the [---] year I have sold a pation of [---] land and money is so scarce that [---] I think it dou... [btfull] about [---] ...tiens I have been [---] my [---] best to git off to texas [---] [illegible] [---] but a leep I shall heve to give it [---] till next fall I am doing noth... at present and exspet as soon as I can make arrangements to carry Lou to your hous hur health is bad at present my self & Monk is well at present   money matters is harder at this time here than they have been since I have been in the state of Alabama I dont [illegible] no what we will do here  Tis imp[ossible] for me to collect enought to pay my debts write to me as soon as you git this respectfuly

L H Turner

[---] Lou and Monk Sends Their love to you  ...all the baby included Lou& Monk


[Transcribed by Stacy Bryant, June 2005]

[Edited by Tina Bernath, June 2006]