Lownds, Conty, Ga

Lownds, Conty, Ga

Lownds, Conty, Ga  January the 31st 1855

Dear sister

I receve your letter the first day of this month but delayed in writing for this reason I thought Hardy woul write to me as soon as he moved but as he has not I will now write all thaugh I have no nuse we are all well with the exception of Sister Anns baby has bin quite sick but is better I havent heard from Turner in some time the last letter I got from him he wrotes of  October he stated that the baby was dead and Lou and Monk ware both sick I wrote to him but have got no answer yet.  I have wrote to him and Lue again to day.  Hardy I am about thirty dollars indet hear and I dont now how to get out.  I have bin trying to get a school but I don’t think I will succeed I there fore want to ask afavor of you it is avery unreasonable favor I now but still I must ask it and hope you will except of it if it is in your power I want you to send me thirty dollars if you can spare that much and if not that much what you can spare if you will I will send you my note as soon as I git it send it as soon as possible and you will oblige your sister and friend do dont mention it to Brother William or John when I get out of det I think I will sta out for it is a scrape I dont like to be in do Hardy send it if you can posibley spare it I will pay it back.  is Frances still with you.  write soon the money is all [---] now and I dont now what to do there has bin severel deaths about hear last week and this togother som with the Tyford Fever an the others I don’t know what disease they ­died with.  we have got verry cold weather heare this weeake it look yesterday an to day like it intended to snow but I believe it will fail.  Malvinan dont lel Brothe W. an John see this letter fore they will scold me so much for getinng indet.  kiss little Gorge fore me.  Malvina remember me remember one that loves you well better fore that tongue can tell

I remain your sister

Fannie A. Bryan


[Transcribed by Stacy Bryant, June 2005]

[Edited by Tina Bernath, June 2006]