Wellborn’s Mills

Wellborn’s Mills

16th May 1855

Mr. H F Scarborough

Mt Andrew Ala.

Dear Sir

I Received your letter dated in April and have noticed its contents, and in answer say that I am not certain that the E half sec. No 11- 12. 28 is the land that I owned but suppose it is the same, and if so, I think my Nephew J. Carlton Wellborn made the trade with Roach, and all the title he was to have was the Indian approved deed which he in all probability has-  I dont believe that I ever made him any deed of any kind having none myself except the Indian deed but not having made the trade with Roach myself can not inform you of the particulars

in haste

Respectfully yours &c

Carlton Wellborn


[Transcribed by Stacy Bryant, June 2005]

[Edited by Tina Bernath, June 2006]